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This wiki holds all the little knowledge about Guild of Heroes world. As game have no sufficient guides, official notes or in-game memos, all information here is gathered through experience and observation, thus a subject of questioning.

Lastest Changes

Game Version: 1.47.6
Daily Quests added.
New tab next to Achievements with 5 rewarding challenges. Unique chest is given for completing all tasks.

  • Q. How do I change class?
A. Change weapon. Staff for Wizard.Sword/Axe for Warrior. Bow for Archer.
  • Q. How do I send a friend request?
A. View player from tavern, town or guild and click "invite".
  • Q. What is moonrock dust for?
A. Evolving common ability. Upgrading one up to 5 stars is required.
  • Q. How can I join guild?
A. Reach level 17 and talk to Guild Master in town.
  • Q. What should I use diamonds for?
A. You're advised to use it for expanding town's craftsmen and merchants slots.


Active DefenseArctic AuraArctic DefenseArrow BarrageAura of FearBlinding DashBlurring AuraBounce ShotBurning StrikeBurst of AgilityBurst of ForceBurst of Haste
Chain LightningCharge AttackComet BlastComet BombardmentComet StormCrippling ShotDefensive SlashDouble ChargeElectric AuraEvasive BarrageExplosive DashFearblast
Fire ArrowFireballFireblastFireboostFlame SlashFlurry of BlowsFlurry of CutsForce ArrowForked LightningGlacial BashHail of ArrowsHoming Barrage
Hurricane AuraIce AuraIncinerating ArrowsJolt AuraLightning BoltMagic MissleMagic RocketMagic SpreadshotPrecise ShotQuick DashReckless StrikeShadow Speed
Shadow TrapShadow WalkShattering StrikeShield BashShield DefenseShield RushShock AuraShock LightningSplintering ArrowsSplitting ArrowsStorm of BlowsStrike Fear
Treacherous VolleyVolley of ArrowsWhirlwind of ArrowsWhirlwind of BloodWhirlwind of SteelWild SlashWind AuraWinter Aura

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