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Class that excels in defense. Equipped with a sword or axe and a shield, warrior possess innate durability, which further enhanced via abilities.

Every player starts as a warrior, however it's more challenging and unforgiving than Archer or Wizard. Being melee combatant, warrior can't avoid the beating and generally prone to be victim of special attacks. As such potions are used up very quickly. Furthermore precise positioning is required for successful execution of skills; standing just 1 step away will waste attack into air.

On the plus side, given proper equipment and skill set, warrior becomes a force to be reckoned with. Combination of Double Charge ChargeGlacial Bash Stun and Whirlwind of Arrows Whirlwind capable of decimating most of opponents near instantly. With introduction of runes offensive strength is enhanced even more(i.e. Death Rune or Flame Rune).